Thursday, December 4, 2008

Enlarging Photos?

We can do a photo enlargement from a slide, film negative or the actual photo. Digital photos of two megapixels and larger can also go up to poster size with very good results, and of course more megapixels is better.

Photo enlargements of your company in the past add a lot of personality to your tradeshow booth, and are fun to hang around the office too. You can put up pictures of your products, buildings you have built, customers- you get the picture.

We have lots of tips on how big your picture can get before it looses quality, and scanning tables to give you an idea of what settings to choose when you scan your photos.

Here's a picture of our shop, with lots of examples of pictures we have printed! Our graphic designers, armed with the latest graphic design programs, can touch up old photos and remove blemishes before we run your print. You'd be amazed what can be done these days- we've changed the model number on a picture of a machine (so they didn't need to take a new photo) and put legs on a photo of Willy Nelson so we could do a cutout of him. You'll realize that a photo is not proof of anything anymore!

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