Monday, June 29, 2009

More Cutouts!

We've done a lot of cutouts lately, and they are fun! Here's a customer clowning around with one that they brought to a trade show. We've also seen a lot of them being done for promotions, events, and retail stores.
When people talk about green shoots in the economy, this is our gauge- that people are having fun again. Since a lot of cutouts are done for fun things like events, we are calling a turn in the economy. You heard it here first!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wine Winners

We've had a lot of fun doing blowups of wine labels for Charity Hop, a company that markets the bottling of wine in partnership with a
number of sports celebrities to raise money for charity.

Here are pictures of Mark Buehrle of the White Sox and Derrek Lee of the Cubs with their wine labels. Not only did they turn out great, but we turned them around in four hours!

The best part of all was going to the launch of the Red Sox players wines in Fenway park last year. Good wine, too, we might add. Over the last few years, Charity Hop has released over 30 wines in conjunction with pro athletes, and raised $1.4 million for charity.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Mounted Pieces

Here's an interesting job we did recently.
Our customer, Kenyon International, needed
a two sided gatorboard mounted graphic 73x85" for their trade show booth. We printed it as two pieces 36.5" wide, and were able to cut the pieces so the seam is almost invisible.

Because of the size, we couldn't ship the job via our normal Fedex, so we put it in a van and dropped it off on the way to a visit with the folks!

We do lots of trade show work, everything from board mounted graphics to vinyl banners. We have the experience in helping thousands of companies get their graphics done right, on time, and affordably!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clear Vinyl Window Cling

Here are some pictures of a fun job we printed recently.

This was for a pet grooming business. They wanted something that would allow the inside of their store to be seen from the sidewalk, but still put pictures of happy pets in the window.

We printed photos on clear cling with our solvent HP 9000 printer. The material was installed in their window using a felt squeege and adhesive vinyl application fluid.

Clear window cling is durable, easy to install, and you can see through the clear cling like stained glass! We also offer white cling for those who want a white background.

The cost is less than many other window applications, such as stenciling, so it is easier on your wallet too.

When the time comes to change the graphics, cling will peel right off the window.
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