Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skiing, Vinyl Banners, and MeatHeads

We recently did a vinyl banner for a ski resort here in New Hampshire and their MeatHead Ski Weekend. Here are a few images that our designer, Bob took while he hit the slopes.

Check out the guy in the tree! Wow!

Here is the banner we designed for the event.

For winter banners, we use our "Across the Street" vinyl, which is good down to -20 degrees farenheit. Most vinyls will shatter at temperatures below -5 degrees, which we get fairly often in these parts. Like, last night! If you are using banners outside in the dead of winter, we have a material that will survive.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bring Them In!

It's tough times out there in retail, but we can help. With today's technology, even the smallest store can create great looking signage that helps you move the merchandise.

You can create your signs in your favorite program, we support just about everything, including the Microsoft programs that come with most computers. There are great photos available for free or at very low cost online, do a search for "free stock photos" and you'll find them. Our favorite is, which has millions of very good photos available for a few dollars each.
Pictured here is Joe from the Chase Street Market here in Plymouth NH.
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