Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 Steps to a Great Banner Stand!

  1. Make sure you have great color and a sharp image!

When you are selecting your background image and colors, remember more is NOT better here. You want to have attractive colors that attract the customer's eye, but you don’t want to be garish. You also want to pick an image that allows space for your logo and text.

  1. Don’t try to say too much!

Use a short phrase to get your customer’s attention. Remember that this is just what gets them interested. You want to get them in and talk to them. If you give them too much information up front, they won’t read it all. You only have a few seconds to spark their interest.

  1. Your message should be at eye level!

Get your main point across in a few words. You can add your web address at the bottom, and suggest that they follow you on any social media you participate in as well. However, the important stuff goes at eye level, and in a brief “catch phrase.”

Finally, if you need help designing your banner stand we can help. We can print it for you too!

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