Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Social Media and Signage

In our ever-changing marketing world, we have to adapt to the trends! Promote your online presence in your offline materials. MegaPrint, Inc. has a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account, as do many companies and individuals these days. Do you? Social media is a great way to reach new customers, keep current customers informed, and build credibility by having your customers post comments about your product and services. These marketing mediums are tried and true ways to build your business.

Put them on your signage! If you are going to a trade show, putting up a grand opening sign, or just some meeting and event signage add a line of text that says, “Follow us on Twitter!” or “Become a fan of our Facebook page.” Use the familiar logos that Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter provide. This is a way to let your clients know you are there. Not many people will go out searching for you on these social medias unless you let them know you are there.

Consider how much time people spend on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc! Don’t miss out on your next opportunity to spread the word about your social media endeavors through your printed signage.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Construction Banner in Plymouth

OK, so here's a banner for a new Chinese-Japanese restaurant they are building in Plymouth.

The idea to have a sign announcing the new restaurant is great, especially since 25,000 cars go by every day. For a few hundred dollars, they'll get over three million advertising impressions by the time the restuarant opens in the spring. That ought to help the takeout business!

The name of the restaurant? We're not so sure about that. The owner is Alan, who also owns Mandarin Taste in Plymouth, and we expect the food to be terrific!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Banner Hangers

If you need a stylish way to hang your banners try our banner hangers! We have Aluminum banner hangers, plastic SuperSnap, Gotcha Hangers, and Vee hangers! No matter the setting, trade show, store front, or backdrop these hangers will do the job and look great!

The Aluminum banner hanger has a brushed steel look that is clean and elegant. These come with both the clips and the S hooks, so when you get your banner and hangers you are ready to go! As long as your banner width is shorter than 89" we will attach your banner hangers and roll them with your print.

If you are looking for something with the same great holding power, but you are on a budget? You should try the SuperSnap! It works just like our aluminum option and comes in black and white. We can ship these on your graphic up to 72" wide, anything wider and we ship it in two pieces ready for you to install on site.

If you are hanging smaller posters (36" x 48" or less) we recommend the Gotcha Hangers. These are ideal for lightweight prints. Vee hangers are also a great option for very light weight posters!

If you would rather have a pole pocket on your banner or poster, we can do that too!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fabric Banners

Here's a cool job we did recently for the
US Forest Service for their new building in Campton, NH. The banners are printed on a fire resistant fabric, and show scenes from the White Mountain National Forest, which they manage. Did you know there are over 2000 hiking trails in the White Mountains? It's one of the reasons we love living here.

The banners have pole pockets sewn in the top and bottom, with a sturdy 1" dowel in the top. We also made some displays in the lobby with pictures that flip up to reveal a caption about the picture.

The Forest Service used to be next door to us in Holderness, so we are going to miss them as neighbors. The good news is that Sheila and Marty Riehs of Resource Mangement Inc. have bought the building, and they have been friends for years.
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