Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day- Yay!

The presidential campaign lasts a long time here in New Hampshire, and boy are we going to be glad when all the attack ads are over! Hopefully we'll have 6 months or a year of rest before it starts all over again.

One of the most fun jobs we've done in years was life size cutouts of all the presidential candidates, which we did for a photo shoot by a major magazine. Here's a picture of them before we shipped them. We made an extra of Barack Obama, and he still lurks at the back of the shop. It gives me a start when I forget he's back there!
It really is pretty fun having the first in the nation primary, and many of us have had the chance to meet several of the candidates. I had a nice talk with Bill Richardson this time, and got to ask John McCain a question at a town hall meeting four years ago.

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