Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Retractable Banner Stand Passes the Test!

To retract or not to retract, that is the question. With a wide variety of banner stands out there today it is hard to know which will be:

1) Easiest to use
2) Lightest to carry around and ship
3) Most durable.
4) Easiest to change out the graphic

We offer two banner stands, basically Cadillac and Chevy versions. Both work well and have a poly film banner that will not curl or "canoe" like vinyl banners because the material doesn't stretch. Both are very easy to set up and take down.
Our premium stand uses a light blocking poly film that will not show the shadow of the pole, our economy stand uses a thinner material. We can send you a replacement banner for our premium stand, and you can change it out. We will need our economy stand back to change the banner. Finally, our premium stand is a battleship, the economy stand is, well, an economy stand. It is lighter and easier to carry around, though!

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