Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Graphic Design Tips of the Week!

When you are setting up your files for us, here are some tips from our design team:

1. Image quality must be a minimum of 72dpi at full size, and doesn’t need to
be higher than 100dpi at full size.
2. When using InDesign and Quark, remember to do a “collect for output” and
create a sitx file for upload.
3. Photoshop files should be flattened unless we request otherwise. Saving as an LZW compressed tif will reduce the size of the file to be transmitted, often by as much as 2/3. Some Photoshop effects are lost by flattening, however, so proof carefully!
4. Outline all fonts in InDesign and Illustrator
5. Save PDF’s as “press quality” as this produces a high-resolution image. Some of the newer versions of Acrobat give you the opportunity to choose a resolution, we suggest 100 dpi.

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website design said...

these are great tips! amazing amazing. thanks for sharing them.

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