Thursday, November 12, 2009

Banner Hangers

If you need a stylish way to hang your banners try our banner hangers! We have Aluminum banner hangers, plastic SuperSnap, Gotcha Hangers, and Vee hangers! No matter the setting, trade show, store front, or backdrop these hangers will do the job and look great!

The Aluminum banner hanger has a brushed steel look that is clean and elegant. These come with both the clips and the S hooks, so when you get your banner and hangers you are ready to go! As long as your banner width is shorter than 89" we will attach your banner hangers and roll them with your print.

If you are looking for something with the same great holding power, but you are on a budget? You should try the SuperSnap! It works just like our aluminum option and comes in black and white. We can ship these on your graphic up to 72" wide, anything wider and we ship it in two pieces ready for you to install on site.

If you are hanging smaller posters (36" x 48" or less) we recommend the Gotcha Hangers. These are ideal for lightweight prints. Vee hangers are also a great option for very light weight posters!

If you would rather have a pole pocket on your banner or poster, we can do that too!

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sakura hasegawa said...

Banners are important for business who want to promote certain products or events. Banner hangers make them look classier compared to what some use, which is either a rope or some other material that makes the banner less attractive.

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