Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lamp Post or Wall Mounted Banners

These banners are wonderful for taking a message down main street! They typically are double sided so they can be read by people going either way, and can be printed on gloss vinyl or matte vinyl. We can make replacement banners, or, if you are starting fresh, we can supply the hardware too. Banner widths are 18”w – 36” and usually no more than 8 feet tall. You should not have more than 24 square feet of graphic to the wind (due to the force on the lamp post).

You can create the graphics, or we can do it for you!

Features of our Lamp Post Banners:
3-5 year life in sunlight
  • Vibrant, accurate colors
  • Nylon re-enforced material has great strength
  • Hemmed around, with pole pockets top and bottom
  • Very competitive with screen printing
  • Available on matte or gloss 13 oz vinyl

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