Monday, March 2, 2009

BIG Backlit!

Here's an interesting job we did recently for Armadillo Arts in Iowa City, Iowa. The customer wanted to put a display in a space that was a large window. We produced a large backlit graphic, and they built a box over the window to hold the graphic. Sunlight is all that is required to do the lighting, since the museum is open only during the day.

Pictured here is Will Thomson, who designed the exhibit.

The east window in the Grand Gallery as installed (image size 53" x 104") is an enlargement of a 1900 photo of a Meskwaki lodge at Tama, from the State Historical Society of Iowa. The Meskwaki left Des Moines County as a result of the Black Hawk Treaty in the 1830s.

In the same museum, we produced a backlit tabletop graphic, shown here viewed from above.
The interactive map unit is entitled "A topographic history of Des Moines County" and features a backlit map and several stations that show different aspects of county development: ghost towns, railroad and stage lines, early mills and factories, historic sites and natural areas.
A view of the map unit during installation (east is at the top). Cabinetry by Paragon Cabinet of Iowa City.

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